ADCC 2017 Highlights

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ADCC 2017 Highlights

September has been an exciting month for BJJ athletes.

ADCC 2017, the worlds most prestigious submission wrestling/no-gi jiu jitsu event, which takes place every two years, was held on September 24th and 25th in Helsinki, Finland. To be invited to ADCC is a great honor reserved only for elite grapplers.

Heel hook was second most successfully utilised finishing move only one submission short of levelling with the 1st (the RNC), moving the armbar to the third place in the process.

One of the biggest stories of the tournament was without a doubt the amazing success of Gordon Ryan, who secured his place as one of the greatest names in no-gi today. Ryan conquered 88kg division and reached a 2nd place in the open weight tournament in the latter by submitting everyone on his way to the final.

Another remarkable accomplishment was the underdog Craig Jones’ run on the first day of the tournament. A black belt hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Jones shook the status quo by submitting both 5x IBJJF world champion Leandro Lo and veteran grappler Murilo Santana, competing in the 88kg division. Nevertheless, Jones missed out on medal after losing on the second day both from Keenan Cornelius, who took the silver medal and in a fight for the bronze medal with Xande Ribeiro.

Felipe Pena was the ruler of the open weight class conquering the absolute ADCC gold medal by defeating Gordon Ryan in the final.

Other names worthy of mentioning were Yuri Simoes, JT Torres and Gabi Garcia. Yuri accomplished that which has only been done once in the ADCC win 2 world titles in separate weight classes (88kg [2015] and 99kg [2017]), stealing the gold medal from Felipe Pena who is a 2nd time runner-up.

On the 77-kilogram division Spiderman Torres had two ultimate battles against Gary Tonon and Lucas Lepri, defeating both competitors in a powerful clinic of composure. Never out of the race, Torres was put in some tough spots by Lepri but came back strong to steal the title from the Brazilian.

On the female over 60kg division, Gabrielle Garcia, the most dominant Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor in the female divisions history, secured her title by keylock versus Talita Treta, a Brazilian MMA fighter.

All in all, this years tournament passed in an electrifying atmosphere, stirred up by a great variety of styles and the rise of young stars.

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